Hide Outs

Embark on unforgettable adventures with us. Discover breathtaking landscapes, unveiling enchanting vistas, hidden gems, and cultural wonders as you explore the mesmerising destinations near our hotel.

Yoga Retreat

Experience tranquillity and rejuvenation with our exclusive yoga retreat service. Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery as you immerse yourself in the ancient practice of yoga amidst serene surroundings

Trips & Tracks

Explore a variety of adventure activities with One Light. Hike forest trails, try river rafting and paragliding in the Himalayas, experience snow safaris in Ladakh & Spiti, or indulge in desert safaris in Rajasthan. Enjoy skiing and fishing in serene lakes and rivers. Let One Light be your gateway to thrilling experiences.


Delight in exceptional dining at our restaurant. Savor a diverse menu brimming with fresh ingredients, expertly crafted dishes, and a warm ambiance. Experience a culinary journey from breakfast to lunch and dinner.

Glamping & Stargazing

Experience enchanting glamping and mesmerizing stargazing with "One Light Stays," immersed in nature's embrace, crafting unforgettable memories beneath the sparkling night sky.

Bird Watching

Immerse in our bird watching bliss getaways, observing a myriad of winged wonders amidst pristine natural habitats and tranquil landscapes.

Local sightseeing

Explore captivating sightseeing in diverse localities. Uncover cultural landmarks, historical treasures, and local gems effortlessly.

Local food & Shopping

Savor delectable local cuisines and indulge in shopping delights at vibrant markets, embracing the rich flavors and unique finds.

Art & Cultural gallery

Experience the enchanting Art & Cultural gallery sessions, an occasional treat at One Light Stays, where masterpieces and heritage beautifully converge.